Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Future Of Flying Lotus

If you have never heard of this artist, I suggest you check him out. His song entitled 'Baggage Room' was featured on an Adult Swim commercial and if you've never heard of Adult Swim, bow your head in shame. Flying Lotus is in my opinion, one of the greatest producers of music of his time. He combines a Dj Priemer like a ability to find the perfect musical samples, with his own unique twist. He has a very futuristic and new age sound that seems to draw you in while listening. I'm wonder if any hip hop artists will utililize this underrated talent virtually hidden from the lucrative mainstream. I think that it could turn out to be a very mutually beneficial endeavor for all parties involved, but what do I know, I just rate music and art.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Is Tom Cruise Too Old For Action Movies?

     This is the fourth installment of the espionage thriller series and sure to be the most explosive. Mission Impossble 4 has been doing extremely well in the box office, blowing away its competition. This is due to its controversial main character, Tom Cruise. This enigma of a man has been on an apparent hiatus and at the age of 50, still seems to be keeping up a good pace. Wether you love the dude or think he is weird, their is no denying his talwnt or star power. He has a string of highly acclaimed films attached to his name and can be found all over the web associated to one story or another. One thing is very clear about the MI4 star, he is a thrill seeking adrenaline junkie who has a strong urge to literally go out on a limb and complete his own stunts. It has been said that Tom Cruise declined the use of a stunt double for most of the action sequences of this film, opting to instead complete them himself. This is quite an impressive feat co sideromg the stars age. I do plan on going out and supporting this film if only for the fact that I grew up on the Mission Impossible fanchise and would feel left out if I were to miss the theater showing of such a widely popular cinematic event. Ill see you at the movie theate.

Christmas Time is here again

So once again it seems that the never ending cycle of holiday festivities is in full effect. From the holiday themed music in commercial advertising, to the gigantic and often obnoxious decorations in and outside of homes and businesses it is quite apparent. My question to the reader is: have you kept in mind the true meaning of christmas? Ofcourse it feels good to receive gifts and eat good homemade meals with your families, but keep in mind that there are those that have no new Iphone or Android. There are those without the new Air Jordans and new flatscreen televisions. I say that to simply give some a little more perspecive. This is a season to give and spread good will. Make sure to do any and everything that you can afford to. This will only benefit you in the long run and can be as simple as donating your old but well kept clothing to your local Salvation Army locations. There are also plenty of food banks in strong need of donations. Keep all of these things in mind during this very hectic season and be sure to wish someone a Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa or Chanukah. You never know, this could be the highlight of their day. With all that being said, Happy Holiday's and good luck in all your endeavors of 2012.

I have a link to the charitable organization by the name of Autism Speaks. Please donate to the cause, even if it's just a dollar. Every bit counts.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jay Z is passing lyrical torch to protege

For anyone who thonls that Kanye West is Jay Z's protege take a second to consider the facts. Kanye West is a Dr Dre style artist who should mainly be classified as a producer who has achieved a certain level of noteriety. I believe that when the dust settles, the real successor will have been the North Carolina native by the name of J Cole. This guy was featured on the much anticipated Blueprint 3. He has had some commercial success but more importantly, he has pit out music and singles that are consistently substantial. With songs such as Lights Please and Who Dat, it appears that this artist is forever evolving and growing as an emcee. Only the future knows whats in store for this highly talented lyricist.

Kevin Hart Leaving His Mark

So many of you readin this will know exactly who I am speaking of when I say the name Kevin Hart. Some still may have never heard of him. For those few I must ask; are you living under a rock? This guy is mot only hilarious, he is all over the social networking game. He has a facebook that is linked to his twitter account which he updates with random pieces of hiarious albeit rediculous status comments. If you disbelieve me just check his twitter and try not to laugh. Over the summer, this Philadelphia native released a documentary based standup movie special entitled Laugh At My Pain. It is receiving much recognition from critics. To anyone who is a comedy buff, I strongly suggest this comedian. I rate him a 8.5/10.</p>

Monday, December 19, 2011

Fear Factor And Joe Rogan

A favorite past time of mine in the early 2000s was settling in and watching a group of random people do disgusting and sometimes terrifying things, knowing the whole time that only one person would win the meager $50,0000 prize and the honor of hearing Joe Rogan state the simple phrase "Apparently fear is not a factor for you." NBC had me hooked to this formulaic show and I watched religiously both entertained and morbidly curious to see the extent that everyday people would go to win the equivalent of a lower middle class individuals salary. Im sure there was alot of editing involved because technically this show did qualify as a reality television program although comparing it to Keeping Up With The Kardashians or Teen Mom would likely be a mistake. This is because Fear Factor eats all other reality shows for lunch. All this being said is just to emphasize my joy about the return of in my opinion, one of the best shows of the 2000s. Executive producer Matt Kunitz has been quoted as saying they plan to up the ante on the revamped 2011 version of the soon to be classic program. There will be crazier stunts and more vile challenges than viewers could ever imagine. One of the main reasons Fear Factor was canceled was due to the fact that it was on in the same time slot as the powerhouse American Idol franchise. With NBC cashing in on the talent search competition type programming with their American Idol themed show The Voice, I believe that they are gearing to take over in the ratings. I cant wait to see what NBC has in store for us. Can you? I will be updating this post with episode summaries and the names of winning contestants. Feel free to follow and subscribe letting the Artist Review community know how you feel. Wether you loved the show or hated it. Wether you are excited about the show's return or could care less, I want to know

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Adele Made Strides In 2011

   This powerhouse from the UK blazed onto the music scene in 2008 with her hit single Chasing Pavement. She became an American superstar, gaining noteriety the world over. Fast forward three and a half years and Adele is still making chart topping hits. From her catchy Rolling In The Deep number to her newest hit Someone Like You, this artist seems to have the success formula down. At the same time, she comes across as a real person and. Not a figment of Hollywood's imagination. She has been quoted as being shy on stage, so much so in fact that during some performances, she has been known to have the lights not facing the crowd. This is due to the rumored fact that large crowd's intimidate her. While some might find this to be a character vice, I'm sure the vast majority of us find it a way to humanize a character some might find larger than life.Recent reports indicate that Adele is highly favored by fans and critics alike. She is a very soulful singer and besides her insecurities manages to have a unique and powerful stage presence. I see nothing but greatness on the horizon for this young singer and look forward to her future success and achievements.

TI Is Finally Out Of Jail...Again

I'm not quite sure how I feel about tje self proclaimed "king of the south" doing a family based reality show. I appears that everyo e is feeling the effects of the downed economy. It might have more to do with his continuing legal woes that render him incarcerated for long stretches of time and unable to market his brand. TI was, and still is one of my favorite rappers but I am not too interested in the domestic aspect of his life. That being said, I can't knock the hustle. A mans gotta eat somehow and no matter how degrading it is, I guess its still better han having to do a stint on Celebrity Fear Factor. I have heard one relatively decent song from him since his most recent release. The name of the song is 'Im Flexin". He also apparently did a song with the very wholesome Taylor Swift at one if her concerts and it was featured on his reality show. TI is not the first rapper to use a reality show to promote hisself. Other rappers include Snoop Dogg, Flava Flave, and Vanilla Ice. It seems to be a long running fad that shows no sign of ending. For me, it is simply a situation where I would rather see the artist in their natural element rather than a low cost mtv or vh1 reality series yet at the same time I wish these artists the best of luck and hope that they accomplish whatever it is that they set out to do.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lady Gaga Set To Take Over In 2012

If you arent a fan of Lady Gagas music, you still have to respect her hustle. It seems that Forbes has named her number 1 on their list of the top 100 celebrities. That is quite an impressive feat, especially due to the fact that there are many high profile figures that are all well established. Lady Gaga torpedoed into the music scene in 2008 with her hit debut single 'Just Dance' and has been steadily gaining momentum ever since. In my personal opinion she is a very business saavy individual with very covert and clever tactics for drawing attention to herself. Wether it be an outrageous wardrobe or a proclamation of posessing the male reproductive organ, There is definiteley a method to Gaga's madness and all I can say is kudos. L

Monday, December 12, 2011

Jay Electronica...Best Rapper Alive?

Jay Electronica, born Timothy Elpadaro Thedfor, is a highly talented hip hop emcee from New Orleans. He was born on September 19, 1976.  "Perhaps one of the most highly acclaimed rappers of the 2000s, Jay Electronica first gained significant attention after the release of the musical composition Act 1: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge), made available on a MySpace page in 2007. It is nine continuous minutes of music, without drums, built from Jon Brion's soundtrack to the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. In late 2009 he released two songs, both produced by Just Blaze, "Exhibit A (Transformations)" and "Exhibit C" the latter of which won won a Sucker Free Summit Award for Instant Classic. On November 12, 2010, it was announced Jay Electronica had become an official member of Jay-Z's Roc Nation record
  A lot of his fans (me included) have been wondering when Jay will be dropping an entire album considering the fact that he has
such a strong internet presence. I haven't heard any recent new about an album release date, although in his highly acclaimed Just Blaze produced single, he mentioned that a number of high profile rappers and producers were waiting for him to drop his verses for the anticipated album. I am almost literally chomping at the bit waiting for this sure to be masterpiece and I will keep you posted on any upcoming news.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Review

   Can anyone say....dragon?From what I have seen so far, this game is a stocking stuffer best buy. The Elder Scroll series has always seemed to up the ante with each new release, Skyrim being no exception. This video game produced by Bethesda games is visually satisfying. It is also conceptually impressive and the backstory keeps those involved very entertained. Oblivion is one of my favorite games and I believe that this next game is following in its big brothers foot steps. The genre that this game belongs to is the RPG or really playing game one. This genre includes the Final Fantasy series as well as ma.y other such games. From what I have seen on television and social media networks, this particular game has been receiving rave reviews. I would definitely consider this game an adequate stocking stuffer for Christmas or a great birthday gift.

Angelina Jolie: In The Land Of Blood And Honey

So it seems that after a short hiatus, our high profile friend is choosing to come out with a bang. In a shocking turn of events, Jolie has decided to try her hand at the directing aspect of film in the upcoming feature titled 'In the Land of Blood and Honey'. It is essentially a love story set during the period of the Boanian War. I have heard and read limited details about this film and only time will tell how good or bad this effort will undoubtedly be. I will be updating this blog with a movie plot and summary.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Detroit Dubstep taking over music scene

In the music scene, their is much toj be desired. This a is because so much stuff gets through due to the pevalence of the mainstream media. I have however, waded through the muck in order to find music that
I find sporting.
This genre of music is known as dubstep. Particularly the Deroit branch of this music genre whos origins span back to the underground Uk dance and music clique, has seemingly sweepwd through, Detroit and other arwas of Michigan like a firestorm. By me Dubstep can only be defined as a unIque grouping of bass and electonic sounds, accompanied by amazing light show art. Many may find the dubstep envirobment quite similar to early nineties techno scene but with a more lively presence. I would definitely reccomend checking out this growing movement.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dreams effect reality

There have been many debates as to wether or not dreams effect every day life. The answer to that question is yes. I have been thinking of keeping a journal in which I will document a reoccuring dream I have been having. There are many aspects to the dream and I will post the findings if I get requests.
For now the only thing I will say is that you will be surprised by the depth of the dream and the clarity with which I describe the events. Recently, I dreamed that I had won the lottery. I am not too sure of exactly how much money it was but for some reason I ended up buying a lot of material things including an IPhone and Ford Mustang.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Breaking Drawn does well in sales

So it seems that this franchise will never die. Ive stomached a few minutes of this melodramatic soap opera to know how cheesey it is. They will continue to milk this cash cow until it is dry. Regardless of content or talent. I believe that if you are not a twelve year old girl, you are most likely not going to enjoy this piece of work at all and should more than likely just skills it altogether. There are some well known names in this film. Unfortunately, they aren't well known for their acting ability. Im a hundred percent sure this movie well do record breakingly well due to the simple fact that it has become a franchise with so much advertisement power that it has become almost an unstoppable force. As predicted, this movie is doing annoyingly well just like the previous ones and since the full title includes the phrase 'Part One' the world can wait with breathless anticipation as these overpayed and undertalented twenty something's flop around on screen with all the grace of a fish out of water. I am still waiting for another good vampire movie to come out along the same line as Interview With A Vampire. That movie was epic and had some superb acting by talented performers. Another reason the Twilight series is lacking in my opinion is because the "werewolves" are portrayed as oversized, obviously computer generated wolves. This proves that the producers and directors of this movie were more interested in getting popular celebrities to portray the sentimental romance novel aspect (the movies are based upon a teen romance book series.

Jay Z Kanye West Watch The Throne

   The much anticipated watch the throne concert tour has been making the rounds. Many people are very excited to hear that the duo will be stopping in their area. A fan favorite seems to be the song 'Monster'. Another favorite is 'Otis'. I have seen Jay Z perform recently and I must say that his age us definitely showing. He is in his fourties which begs the question, what age is too old to perform. I believe that when an individual cannot perform to the same energy level he was able to in his prime, he or she should bow out. What is your opinion?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Drakes New CD Does Well

This Canadian born entertainer is seemingly taking America by storm. He has been quoted as saying that he believes that social media networks have negative connotations. He is not a huge fan of them although he probably does own an IPhone or Android phone and is known to tweet. Drake recently released this album and ut seems to be receiving a lot of critical acclaim. I have heard a few tracks off of this cd including 'Headlines' and I must admit to being a little underwhelmed. I believe that despite all the hype, this piece of work is not very ground breaking or innovative. I believe that because of Drakes' prevalence in the mainstream, he is able to create and boost his overall sales and use his monetary resources to build up hype that would otherwise be non existent. I am curious as to how other individuals feel so I invite comments.In my opinion, J cole is way more talented than Drake is. Dont get me wrong, Im not saying that I dont have respect for Drizzys hustle.