Saturday, December 17, 2011

Adele Made Strides In 2011

   This powerhouse from the UK blazed onto the music scene in 2008 with her hit single Chasing Pavement. She became an American superstar, gaining noteriety the world over. Fast forward three and a half years and Adele is still making chart topping hits. From her catchy Rolling In The Deep number to her newest hit Someone Like You, this artist seems to have the success formula down. At the same time, she comes across as a real person and. Not a figment of Hollywood's imagination. She has been quoted as being shy on stage, so much so in fact that during some performances, she has been known to have the lights not facing the crowd. This is due to the rumored fact that large crowd's intimidate her. While some might find this to be a character vice, I'm sure the vast majority of us find it a way to humanize a character some might find larger than life.Recent reports indicate that Adele is highly favored by fans and critics alike. She is a very soulful singer and besides her insecurities manages to have a unique and powerful stage presence. I see nothing but greatness on the horizon for this young singer and look forward to her future success and achievements.

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