Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jay Z is passing lyrical torch to protege

For anyone who thonls that Kanye West is Jay Z's protege take a second to consider the facts. Kanye West is a Dr Dre style artist who should mainly be classified as a producer who has achieved a certain level of noteriety. I believe that when the dust settles, the real successor will have been the North Carolina native by the name of J Cole. This guy was featured on the much anticipated Blueprint 3. He has had some commercial success but more importantly, he has pit out music and singles that are consistently substantial. With songs such as Lights Please and Who Dat, it appears that this artist is forever evolving and growing as an emcee. Only the future knows whats in store for this highly talented lyricist.

Kevin Hart Leaving His Mark

So many of you readin this will know exactly who I am speaking of when I say the name Kevin Hart. Some still may have never heard of him. For those few I must ask; are you living under a rock? This guy is mot only hilarious, he is all over the social networking game. He has a facebook that is linked to his twitter account which he updates with random pieces of hiarious albeit rediculous status comments. If you disbelieve me just check his twitter and try not to laugh. Over the summer, this Philadelphia native released a documentary based standup movie special entitled Laugh At My Pain. It is receiving much recognition from critics. To anyone who is a comedy buff, I strongly suggest this comedian. I rate him a 8.5/10.</p>

Monday, December 19, 2011

Fear Factor And Joe Rogan

A favorite past time of mine in the early 2000s was settling in and watching a group of random people do disgusting and sometimes terrifying things, knowing the whole time that only one person would win the meager $50,0000 prize and the honor of hearing Joe Rogan state the simple phrase "Apparently fear is not a factor for you." NBC had me hooked to this formulaic show and I watched religiously both entertained and morbidly curious to see the extent that everyday people would go to win the equivalent of a lower middle class individuals salary. Im sure there was alot of editing involved because technically this show did qualify as a reality television program although comparing it to Keeping Up With The Kardashians or Teen Mom would likely be a mistake. This is because Fear Factor eats all other reality shows for lunch. All this being said is just to emphasize my joy about the return of in my opinion, one of the best shows of the 2000s. Executive producer Matt Kunitz has been quoted as saying they plan to up the ante on the revamped 2011 version of the soon to be classic program. There will be crazier stunts and more vile challenges than viewers could ever imagine. One of the main reasons Fear Factor was canceled was due to the fact that it was on in the same time slot as the powerhouse American Idol franchise. With NBC cashing in on the talent search competition type programming with their American Idol themed show The Voice, I believe that they are gearing to take over in the ratings. I cant wait to see what NBC has in store for us. Can you? I will be updating this post with episode summaries and the names of winning contestants. Feel free to follow and subscribe letting the Artist Review community know how you feel. Wether you loved the show or hated it. Wether you are excited about the show's return or could care less, I want to know