Friday, January 27, 2012

Reality Television: Good Or Bad For Society

   In my opinion, most of the shows that are being churned out by the entertainment networks are having a detrimental affect on the youth of America and other countries. From shows like Teen Mom, that give young mothers incentives and rewards for their bad judgment, to shows like Jersey Shore which glorify stupidity and alcoholism with an unabashedness that is quite alarming.
  Other shows like the Real Houswives franchise encourage otherwise unnoteworthy, to bicker and fight to their hearts content. This gives a bad representation and reputation to certain groups and cements into people's minds certain harmful stereotypes.
    On the plus side, there are some reality shows aimed at uplifting its viewers. Some that I would recommend are those aimed at finding great artists and TI's new family oriented series TI and Tiny: A Family Hustle. It might be hard to wade through the filth and grime that is reality television, but you may be rewarded for your troubles with a true diamond in the rough.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Season Of Tosh.0 Starting In Days

    If you haven't been living under a rock for the last 2 years, you havd probably heard of the very popular comedian Daniel Tosh. From his tours and specials including Happy Thoughts, to his comedy show Tosh.0, this comedian has seemed to find his niche. The best description that I could give of Daniel's style is insult comedy mixed with observational humor. He has become very popular through the use of social networking sites like twitter and facebook and video sites like hulu, YouTube, and other such sites. I would definitely rate the show a 9/10 for hilariousness. I am very excited for the new season.