Friday, January 6, 2012

Eminem Takes On Yelawolf

In the past 5 years we have seen many attempts to create a rap persona that closely resembles that of Mr Marshall Mathers aka Slim Shady aka Eminem. From the ill-conceived Asher Roth character with his feeble ode to college life, to other lesser known acts that have faded into obscurity, it is apparent that Marshall’s shoes will be extremely hard to fill. Enter Yelawolf, aka Michael Atha. This hip hopn artist mad a name for himself with his lyrical ability being featured on Big Boi’s latest album. He was born in Alabama and combines Eminem’s lyrical mastery with his own touch of southern swag. Recently he was signed to a division of the Shady Records company. This is exciting because we all can see that Slim is schooling this newcomer on the wayss of maintaining a successful career. I cannot wait to see what collaboration arise from the two joining forces

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3 Anticipation

If you are a horror buff like I am, you probably have watched at least a few episodes of this addicting series. It revolves around a group of post-apocalyptic survivors who have to fend for themselves in a post-apocolyptic wasteland filled with "walkers".
   Each hour long episode takes you on a journey filled with horrific images of violence and gore. These characters ate very relatable and you will find yourself rooting for the success of the groups.
   With the new season days away from airing, a lot of people are wondering what the series writers and producers have in store. We at will be all over it so be sure to check back in.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

What Super Hero Movie Will Be Next?

   With the string of Marvel and DC super hero movies that directors revive and either brilliantly portray, ( as with the movie 'Watchmen') or wether it turns out to be a less than thrilling adaptation, ( as with the ill concieved 'Dare Devil') Hollywood is known for churning out these money making blockbusters at an alarming rate.
   My vote for the next big super hero movie would have to be an adaptation of either Bishop or Cable. These two lesser known figures in the Marvel universe embody the epitome of bad ass-ism. They are both loner types with unique energy power abilities. With the right casting, I believe that 2012 could be a big year for ether of these characters.
   I have heard a few rumors which I wish to share with you. The first one is that 'Watchmen 2' is in the works. Another one is that there is an Avengers movie and a Justice League movie in the works. Another one is that a new Spiderman movie is being put together. Wether this is all just speculation or the truth, I am not sure.