Sunday, December 25, 2011

Is Tom Cruise Too Old For Action Movies?

     This is the fourth installment of the espionage thriller series and sure to be the most explosive. Mission Impossble 4 has been doing extremely well in the box office, blowing away its competition. This is due to its controversial main character, Tom Cruise. This enigma of a man has been on an apparent hiatus and at the age of 50, still seems to be keeping up a good pace. Wether you love the dude or think he is weird, their is no denying his talwnt or star power. He has a string of highly acclaimed films attached to his name and can be found all over the web associated to one story or another. One thing is very clear about the MI4 star, he is a thrill seeking adrenaline junkie who has a strong urge to literally go out on a limb and complete his own stunts. It has been said that Tom Cruise declined the use of a stunt double for most of the action sequences of this film, opting to instead complete them himself. This is quite an impressive feat co sideromg the stars age. I do plan on going out and supporting this film if only for the fact that I grew up on the Mission Impossible fanchise and would feel left out if I were to miss the theater showing of such a widely popular cinematic event. Ill see you at the movie theate.

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