Friday, January 6, 2012

Eminem Takes On Yelawolf

In the past 5 years we have seen many attempts to create a rap persona that closely resembles that of Mr Marshall Mathers aka Slim Shady aka Eminem. From the ill-conceived Asher Roth character with his feeble ode to college life, to other lesser known acts that have faded into obscurity, it is apparent that Marshall’s shoes will be extremely hard to fill. Enter Yelawolf, aka Michael Atha. This hip hopn artist mad a name for himself with his lyrical ability being featured on Big Boi’s latest album. He was born in Alabama and combines Eminem’s lyrical mastery with his own touch of southern swag. Recently he was signed to a division of the Shady Records company. This is exciting because we all can see that Slim is schooling this newcomer on the wayss of maintaining a successful career. I cannot wait to see what collaboration arise from the two joining forces

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