Sunday, January 1, 2012

What Super Hero Movie Will Be Next?

   With the string of Marvel and DC super hero movies that directors revive and either brilliantly portray, ( as with the movie 'Watchmen') or wether it turns out to be a less than thrilling adaptation, ( as with the ill concieved 'Dare Devil') Hollywood is known for churning out these money making blockbusters at an alarming rate.
   My vote for the next big super hero movie would have to be an adaptation of either Bishop or Cable. These two lesser known figures in the Marvel universe embody the epitome of bad ass-ism. They are both loner types with unique energy power abilities. With the right casting, I believe that 2012 could be a big year for ether of these characters.
   I have heard a few rumors which I wish to share with you. The first one is that 'Watchmen 2' is in the works. Another one is that there is an Avengers movie and a Justice League movie in the works. Another one is that a new Spiderman movie is being put together. Wether this is all just speculation or the truth, I am not sure.

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