Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Breaking Drawn does well in sales

So it seems that this franchise will never die. Ive stomached a few minutes of this melodramatic soap opera to know how cheesey it is. They will continue to milk this cash cow until it is dry. Regardless of content or talent. I believe that if you are not a twelve year old girl, you are most likely not going to enjoy this piece of work at all and should more than likely just skills it altogether. There are some well known names in this film. Unfortunately, they aren't well known for their acting ability. Im a hundred percent sure this movie well do record breakingly well due to the simple fact that it has become a franchise with so much advertisement power that it has become almost an unstoppable force. As predicted, this movie is doing annoyingly well just like the previous ones and since the full title includes the phrase 'Part One' the world can wait with breathless anticipation as these overpayed and undertalented twenty something's flop around on screen with all the grace of a fish out of water. I am still waiting for another good vampire movie to come out along the same line as Interview With A Vampire. That movie was epic and had some superb acting by talented performers. Another reason the Twilight series is lacking in my opinion is because the "werewolves" are portrayed as oversized, obviously computer generated wolves. This proves that the producers and directors of this movie were more interested in getting popular celebrities to portray the sentimental romance novel aspect (the movies are based upon a teen romance book series.

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