Friday, December 9, 2011

Detroit Dubstep taking over music scene

In the music scene, their is much toj be desired. This a is because so much stuff gets through due to the pevalence of the mainstream media. I have however, waded through the muck in order to find music that
I find sporting.
This genre of music is known as dubstep. Particularly the Deroit branch of this music genre whos origins span back to the underground Uk dance and music clique, has seemingly sweepwd through, Detroit and other arwas of Michigan like a firestorm. By me Dubstep can only be defined as a unIque grouping of bass and electonic sounds, accompanied by amazing light show art. Many may find the dubstep envirobment quite similar to early nineties techno scene but with a more lively presence. I would definitely reccomend checking out this growing movement.

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